Growth of Startups in India After Covid-19?

Do you know that after the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses continued to face considerable drawbacks? However, there are many Indian startup companies that were doing well in this bleak pandemic. It's true what you just heard, yes! These startup companies in India are expanding quickly and providing other businesses with a solid model for how to compete in and survive the lockdown and upcoming moment. With the growth in startups of approximately 50%, India's startup ecosystem has become stronger because of the pandemic.

So, let's discover about a few Indian startups that have grown after the pandemic.

Ed-Tech Startup

Ed-tech companies in India are among those that have made a difference since the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the first phase of lockdown in March 2020, companies including BYJU's, Whitehat Jr., and Vedantu have seen up to a threefold increase in usage. These Ed-tech platforms also helped students' study through online courses because they had no other alternative than to attend online classes. Thus, these businesses are reducing the educational disparity in India and improving the standard of instruction. Also, Ed-tech is the best startup business in India.

As a result, an analyst investigation also found that E-learning companies received over 128.8 million visitors during the roughly 4 weeks of lockdown, compared to their usual monthly traffic of about 102.2 million.

Online Grocery Startups

We have completely switched to digital due to the epidemic. Doesn't it? With the help of the grocery application, we can easily purchase all of our groceries whenever we want, without regard to time constraints, and even during a Covid epidemic. Since we have suddenly been compelled to alter our behaviors, we now give internet buying priority.

Therefore, when the epidemic ended, startups for grocery stores such as Blinkit (which witnessed a net rise in its sales of 26.2% in the year 2020), Jiomart, Zepto, and many more experienced significant growths.

The Future of Indian Startup

According to the startup India webpage, the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade Designated 24,927 startup businesses in November 2019. And because of the pandemic, India's startup environment has become stronger. As of early November 20, the DPIIT reported 39,114 startups, an increase of over 50%.

Undoubtedly, the entire world has been in epidemic mode for almost the entire year. Although 2020 was a year of uncertainty and apprehension, it also brought with it new opportunities, markets, and business models, which offer excellent opportunities for inventive individuals to seize and build successful companies.

However, everyone had a drawback because of the Covid-19 epidemic, but it also offered a startup a long-term benefit. As we have already seen some startup instances above, we can’t state that the pandemic just had negative effects on entrepreneurs. On the contrary, it also offered them opportunities.

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