Latest Technology trends in 2023

There is no way around the fact that technology is required in every aspect of our lives. It is unfeasible for any of us to function without technology because we are all so dependent on it. In addition to facilitating in the present, technology can also advance humankind towards the future. Moreover, there are many new upcoming technologies that can play an important role in building up a scaling capability to make that innovation work for the business. Hence, we'll learn about some latest technology trends of 2023 in this blog!

1. Artificial Intelligence Everywhere

A new discussion on the advantages of artificial intelligence was sparked by OpenAI's affiliated colloquial model chat Gpt at the end of 2022, which engaged more than a million users in just a few days. There will be rapid development in adaptive and generative AI since it is predicted that AI spending will surpass $500 billion (about $1,500 per person in the US) in 2023. The foremost task of our time is to advance technological progress and bring in new technologies at a scale to address the most important global concerns.

2. Development in Green Technology

2023 will see the continued development of green hydrogen, a brand-new clean-burning energy source with nearly no emissions of greenhouse gases. Additionally, the development of decentralized power grids will proceed. This idea of distributed energy generation proposes a system of tiny power generators and storage that are located in communities or in individual residences.

3. Supply Chain Transparency

The relevance of environmentally friendly techniques will increase in 2023. While many of us rely on technology, where do the components that go into making these devices come from? There will be more public discussion on the introduction of rare earth components utilized in the latest devices and how we use them.

The user will thus continue to demand supply chain transparency in 2023 as they look for energy-efficient products and services that are backed by increasingly environmentally friendly technology.

4. Advancement in Web3

Additionally, 2023 will see significant development in blockchain technology as businesses bring out more decentralized goods and services. Currently, everything is stored in the cloud, but if data storage is separated and encrypted using blockchain, it would be safer and easier to access and analyze. In the coming year, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will be easier to use and more beneficial.

5. Hyper Connectivity and Cyber Resilience

Globalization is under drawback because of monetary and geopolitical forces, which cause cyberspace to splinter along with rival political factions. The structural forces of technological development are, nevertheless, pushing towards greater connectedness rather than less. 15 billion gadgets will be connected to the internet in the upcoming year, which is expected to treble by 2030. The uncertainty of a collapse due to an assault is increasing exponentially because of our dependence on linked devices and infrastructures. One may expect more government and regulatory efforts to make sure linked devices adhere to the most recent cybersecurity caliber.

Consequently, you are now aware of the technical developments and the new technology in the world which will have a consequential impact in the years to come. To be among the first to undertake or learn about new technology, get a head start, and advance your expertise.

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